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Click HERE to listen to Week 7 Powerpoint LectureAlso, read Chapter 8 – Growing Pains: The New Republic, 1790–1820 – and submit a text response to two of the following questions by Friday, October 9 at midnight.This a low-stakes assignment, meaning that I want you to start thinking about these questions and preparing for answering complex historical questions on the exams.Describe Alexander Hamilton’s plans to address the nation’s financial woes. Which aspects proved most controversial, and why? What elements of the foundation Hamilton laid can still be found in the system today?Describe the growth of the first party system in the United States. How did these parties come to develop? How did they define themselves, both independently and in opposition to one another? Where did they find themselves in agreement?What led to the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts? What made them so controversial?What was the most significant impact of the War of 1812?In what ways did the events of this era pose challenges to the U.S. Constitution? What constitutional issues were raised, and how were they addressed?PreviousNext

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