This quiz requires you to cast a vote for any of the American presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Johnson. Assume all of the presidents are in one election against each other in 2020. Which president wins your vote, and why?Your answer must reflect that you are a student of history. Anyone can throw out a name and offer a vague reason why, but your submission should reflect your understanding of the time period and policies of the president that you choose.Your response should be a minimum of 200 words. It should NOT include any material from the internet! If you find yourself on Google trying to complete this assignment, please know that you are risking an F. The only source you should use to complete this assignment is your textbook. If you quote material from the textbook, please keep it to an absolute minimum. I am interested in YOUR voice, not reading what the authors of your textbook wrote.Any material that you quote or paraphrase from the textbook must be cited. See below:A. If you use a direct quotation from the textbook, “cite it like this” (345).In the example above, please note that the parenthetical reference goes at the END of the sentence, and it is followed by the period. Do not write the word “page” or include the textbook title or author. We are using only one textbook, so the title and author are understood.B. If you paraphrase material from the textbook, cite it like this (345).In this example, please note that the period goes AFTER the parenthetical reference. Again, do not include anything in the parentheses other than the page number.This is an assignment that requires your intellectual concentration, but it also provides room for creativity. I hope you enjoy it. Please plan to spend enough time reading, thinking, and writing to do well.Finally, please do not upload any attachments or links. You must type (or paste) your response directly into the “Write Submission” text box. Attached documents or links to your work on external websites will not be viewed or graded.

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