Paper due 12/17

M.WalkerOffice Phone: (973) 655-7332Email:[email protected]TAKE-HOME TEST # 2Please carefully read each of the following questions and respond toONE of them.Question 1“Treating schools as a consumer good and giving parentsvouchers for the education of their children solves the problemof quality and decision-making: parents choose the schools thatwill best suit their children.”  David Tyack.Discuss this statement and provide an argument for or againstoffering vouchers to parents for their children’s education.Question 2Is education primarily a consumer good or a common good?  In lightof current reforms in education discuss this statement.Question 3Thomas Jefferson once said that the future of a democracy depends onthe education of its people.  Discuss current reforms of school andtheir implications for preparing citizens to live and work in amulticultural democracy.Guidelines1.  Make sure you provide a clear argument with opening andconcluding statements.2.  Where possible, use historical data to support and elaborateyour claims.3.  Try to ensure that you clearly explain your terms and concepts.4.  In responding to each question, you are encouraged to drawfrom your class readings and class notes.5.  Responses must be typed, double-space minimum 1500 words.6.  Strong responses will reflect (1) evidence of analytic thinking;(2) use of appropriate historical data; (3) well-structured paperusing clear and concise language.7.  This essay question counts 15% towards your final grade.8.  All responses are due at the beginning of class on DECEMBER3rdat the start of class.9.  Minimum of 3 references10.Examples of current educational reforms can includecharter schools, vouchers, NO Child Left Behind, PresidentObama’s “Race To The Topic”, etc.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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