NR 304 Health Assessment 2

Week 3 Ati: The Communicator 2.0: Video Interaction: Clients Displaying Aggressive Behavior(The transcript of the video is attached below).Do a 100-word ReflectionThe Communicator 2.0 Guidelines ( attached below)PurposeUse interactive simulation to enhance student knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the area of professional communication.Reflective JournalRequired criteria1. 100-word minimum reflection.2. Identifies how this scenario enhanced understanding of communication techniques.3. Addresses how these communication techniques will be incorporated into their own communication style to improve the nurse-patient/family relationship.4. Logical reflective flow which follows standard grammatical rules with minimal (1-2) misspellings and APA where applicable.APA format (7th ed.) and is free of errorsGrammar and mechanics are free of errors free of PlagiarismReferences: Use your book, the outside source must be within the last 5 yrs, Scholarly Articles,s or Nurse journals within the last 5 yrs.

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