Korean history

1) What kinds of issues have working women in Korea faced over the past century? Discuss the social and economic factors that enabled women to enter the workplace in different eras, the types of jobs they had, and how women have overcome various hurdles to gain agency as women and workers.2) How did archetypes such as Good Wife Wise Mother, New Woman, and Modern Girl come about in Korea in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? How was formal education for females closely associated with such images? How did women empower themselves even as these archetypes represented social anxieties about women’s roles?3) How have Korean women’s sexuality and reproduction been used by the state to further the state’s agenda, including issues such as “limiting birth,” military sexual slavery in WW2, the camptown cleanup campaign, and 1970s family planning policies? In what ways did women seek to voice themselves even as they may have been losing control over their bodies?

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