I need the answers to homework must be 100% correct!!!!! This is world history Qs are blue and green are answers.

1. All of the following people were major players in Italian unification EXCEPT _____.Emperor Wilhelm I of GermanyKing Victor Emmanuel of SardiniaGiuseppi GaribaldiNapoleon III, Emperor of France2. Garibaldi and Bismarck both united their countries (Italy and Germany) by _____.promoting revolutionary democratic movements all over their countrieswinning a nationalist war against Francegetting their people to rally around a leading kingdom (Sardinia and Prussia)All of the answers are correct.3. In 1848, riots and fighting broke out in Berlin and eventually led to King Frederick William IV _____.fighting a bloody battle on the streets of Berlin, defeating the masses, and saving the monarchyleaving the throne to his son and committing suicidepromising to grant a liberal constitution and to unify Germanyfleeing the city until a Russian army came and restored order4. Which of the following would be a positive effect of nationalism?Nationalism can divide citizens and rally them to drive another nationality out of the country.Nationalism can fuel hate, prejudice, and intolerance for a religious or ethnic minorities and lead to persecution.Nationalism can make a country stronger against outside enemies.Nationalism can lead to jingoism, which is a super-nationalism that proclaims one nation’s superioty over other nations.5. The Frankfurt Assembly in the revolutionary year of 1848 _____.united germany under a strong monarch and liberal constitutuion.set up socialist governments in most major german cities and almost overthrew all german monarchs.was powerless and ineffetive and did not convince the king of prussia to become king of a united germnay.was powerless and ineffective and did not convince the king of Prussia to become king of a united Germany.6. How did the Napoleon Bonaparte from the first French Revolution (1789-1815) influence the revolutions of 1848?The 1848 revolutions were kicking out the governments Napoleon had left in place.Napoleon’s example had shown the military and political power of revolutionary nationalism.Napoleon returned to lead the brief Roman Republic until it was crushed.Napoleon’s love of democratic republics inspired socialists and liberals across Europe.7. The idealism of Mazzini, the patriotic heroism of Garibaldi, and the calculations of Cavour _____.prevented Italian unification until the 20th centurydid not unite Italy as much as the faith and efforts of Pope Pius IXsuccessfully united Italytore up Italy in decades of civil wars8. Which of the following statements is a principle of nationalism?Members of a nation should all live together in their own independent country.Countries are based on shared laws and values, not on ethnicity or cultural identity.Members of a nation have to make sure their country only has people of their nationality.Political boundaries have no connection to the boundaries between cultural and ethnic groups.

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