1. What were the four stated goals of Operation Reinhard and how were these implemented?2. How did Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec differ from other concentration camps built earlier?3. How did the Nazi party maintain secrecy regarding the Final Solution?4. Why was the Madagascar Plan not used?5. Why were some individuals, including WWI veterans, to be spared the Final Solution?Critical Thinking Questions1. What factors led to the creation and implementation of Operation Reinhard?2. How did the residents of the ghettos respond to mass deportations and what occurred when the residents realized what happened to those deported?3. What did Rudolf Hoess’s testimony at the end of the war suggest about the Final Solution and planned deportation and resettlement?4. How did Operation Reinhard differ from earlier Nazi actions and how was it similar?5. Was resettlement seriously considered and why was it not used?Anne Frank <- your first lab linkExplore the Anne Frank website, including Anne Frank's life and timeline and the Secret Annex. Read portions from Anne Frank's diary and watch the various videos.1. Write a brief biography for Anne Frank in about two-three paragraphs.2. What happens to the families once they are arrested?3. What was life like for the families during the years that they lived in the annex. Why did they choose to go into hiding here?4. We know Anne Frank from her diary. Imagine that you are hiding with Anne and her family. Write a diary entry for one day hiding in the annex. For example, you might describe the day that you go into hiding, an "ordinary" day during the two years of hiding, or the day of discovery. Write at least three paragraphs in your diary entry.Propaganda 1933-1939 <- your second lab linkPropaganda 1939-1945 <- your third lab linkExamine some of the Nazi propaganda posters on these pages and answer the following questions:1. How do the posters from the earlier period (1933-1939) compare to those in the later period (1939-1945)?2. Choose one poster that you think is a good example of propaganda.3. What are three themes that are used in the posters? Describe how these themes/topics/etc. are used.4. Why do you think Germany used propaganda posters like the ones on these two pages?

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