History discussion

At the same time the Cold War was splitting Europe and then Asia between Communism and Democracy, the United States was undergoing some major changes of its own.  For this last discussion, we’re going to focus on the growth of Civil Rights, the Youth Movement, and the dichotomy of the Nixon Administration.Beginning with the student sits-in at Greensboro, NC and ending with the rise of the Black Panthers, what elements in society had changed enough so that racism and discrimination were finally able to be forcefully dealt with?Why were the young people/students of the late 50s – early 60s so fed up with the society they lived in?  For a hint, watch this video of a very popular song of the early 1960s!Malvina Reynolds – Little Boxes (Weeds Theme Song) Full Version with Lyrics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.How did they react, and was it the right way, in your opinion?Why could you say that the Nixon Administration was a dichotomy?

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