Answer succinctly and accurately. The following is the syllabusPRIMEVAL PERIOD1.      creatio ex nihilio2.      Ish and Isha3.      Shem, Ham, Japheth4.      Nephilim5.       “Cursed be Canaan.”PATRIARCHAL PERIOD1.      Ur of the Chaldeans2.      Hagar and Sarai3.      The binding of Isaac4.      Circumcision5.      dreams, visions, dialogue, inner impression, and natural phenomena1.      Reuben2.      Joseph’s dreams3.      The Potiphar’s wife4.      Manasseh and Ephraim5.      Ishmaelites6.      Genesis 50:20THE BOOK OF JOB Chapters 1-5 and 38-42  (notes pertaining to this reading will be posted by March 18th)1.      Job is made to suffer “without reason” (or “without cause”).2.       “Curse God and die”.3.      Psychomachia4.      God speaks out of the whirlwind5.      The three comforters and the Deuteronomic Law6.      The SatanHEBRAIC LITERARY STYLE (be prepared to explain and cite examples)1.      Verb intensive language2.      Movement from the general to the specific and vice verse3.      Compression of time4.      Emphasis on character’s internal details as opposed to the external5.      Emphasis on dialogue and actions, some thoughts, rarely physical description6.      Essential details only are given; the rest is left up to the reader’s imagination (“less is more”; “iceberg theory” of writing; Pristine style)7.      Changing of names of characters

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