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Only Charter 6  P (113-137 )AHVS337: READING REVIEWKEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS ALWAYS FAR MORE DIFFICULT TO FORMULATESENTENCES ABOUT THE CONTENT OF A READING THAN IT IS TO UNDERSTANDTHE INFORMATION/ IDEAS WHEN READING IT. AND REPRODUCING THEINFORMATION/ IDEAS IN YOUR OWN WORDS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IN THISASSIGNMENT.OUTLINE / HEADINGS:1) Summary 4) Reading Experience 6) Questions2) Main Points 5) New Knowledge 7) Terminology3) SourcesDETAILS:1) Summary: Summarize in a paragraph or two, the article / book / reading as a whole2) Main Points: What is (are) the main point(s) made in this reading?2.i) If applicable, what is a secondary point made by the author?2.ii) If applicable, what ideas/interpretations/theoretical frameworks is the writercountering, challenging or augmenting?3) Sources: What kinds of sources does the author draw on?3.i) Are they academic; popular; oral; personal? Written, visual, aural?3.ii) If academic, are they anthropological, historical or literary? Are they primarydocuments (archival texts, or from material culture, like art objects) or secondarydocuments? Are they written or oral, archival, daily media, other?3.iii) If applicable, how is this approach different from earlier/other methods ofstudy you are familiar with, in this area or discipline?4) Reading Experience: How did you experience reading this essay/article?4.i) … in terms of its writing style4.ii) … in terms of how convincingly the argument was presented and backed up4.iii) What would your main critique of the article be, on both positive and negativesides?5) New Knowledge: List 3 things you learned that you did not know before6) Terminology: List 3 foreign or technical – /discipline specific terms you found in thisarticle and give their definition7) Question: Formulate a question you would like to ask the author if you met him/herinformally, say at a café or at a friend’s partyReadings for each week will be posted on the CourseSpaces. Length: 2-1/2–3 pp. double or 1-1/2spaced, Times New Roman 12 point, margins ¾ all around.

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