Analyzing the case “Henry Tam,” attached.

Your assignment is to write a paper of 8 pages maximum (double-spaced) – analyzing the case “Henry Tam,” attached.

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2. Take the perspective of an outside consultant brought in to give feedback to Sasha and Dana, based on the information in this case. Describe your preparations for two separate feedback sessions. For each of them:

  • First develop a general strategy for your feedback. Start with the Ladder of Inference approach: identify specific behaviors in the case, then the inferences you make from those behaviors about what they were feeling or intending, then your interpretation of how they impacted the team and its work.
  • From that, explain what you intend to accomplish in the feedback session and describe your general approach.
  • Explain why you think this approach would work. Use course concepts, previous cases, experience, etc for evidence that this might work.
  • Discuss some of the key things would say in the feedback session (actual words you would use), and why.
  • Discuss some key things you think but would not say. Why can’t you say them? Would it be good to bring any of these into the open?

3. Recommend other ways of improving this group’s functioning in general. This might include changes to the structure of the team, discussions with other team members, or other actions. Explain why you think this would work.

Part 2 should be the longest and most detailed. But the initial diagnosis of the team issues should be the basis for this feedback, as well as for recommendations in part 3

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