What factors influenced the decision

Heading 1: Decision summary(approximately 400 words)Engage in academic summary writing and effectively summarise a planned decision an individual made and implemented in a workplace environment. It is important that you personally observed this decision being made. It may be drawn from you being involved in a workplace or observing another making a decision in a workplace e.g. friend, family member etc.Write the summary from the perspective of your observation of the decision.In your summary, address the following points using quality peer reviewed academic sources:1. What decision was made 2. Who made the decision3. Where was the decision made4. How was the decision made5. What factors influenced the decision6. What were the outcome of the decision Heading 2 Rational decision making analysis (approximately 500 words) Using relevant academic sources critically analyse the decision from the perspective of rational decision making theory.In your critical analysis, identify those parts of the decision that were rational in part or in full and justify your argument through coherent academic analytical writing. In your answer, you will need to select and use a suitablerational decision making process modeland provide a fully referenced diagram of that model. Heading 3 Bounded rational decision-making analysis (approximately 600 words) Using relevant academic sources appropriate to bounded rational theory critically analyse and evaluate whatpotential issuescouldhave bounded the decision maker in this decision.In your answer, include in your analysis and evaluation potential limitations and benefitsof bounded rationality in this decision. NOTE :Research Students are to research widely for this assignment, information to be sourced from relevant academic publications, such as academic journal articles and other text books OTHER THAN the required textbook or PowerPoint lectures from this course. Structure Other than the illustrative diagram under heading two, students are to write in appropriate academic writing style and structure. Do not use dot points.This assignment will require properly constructed sentences; paragraphs with appropriate headings; good use of grammar and syntax; coherent argument; correct in- text citations; and a correctly set out reference list. Academic referencing shall be in accordance with APA 6th edition referencing style.


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