see the requirement 43

For your second reading response, please complete the following steps. Make sure that answers to these questions are in your OWN WORDS! Write what you learned from the video and readings as if talking to a friend.

PART 1 : Watch this video on Power Posing (up to minute 15:30; you can skip the last 5-minutes). (Links to an external site.)Use the video to answer the questions below. (Answer these questions before going on to Part 2.)

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  1. What was THE MAIN POINT of the “power posing” study? How would you summarize this study in a sentence or two?
  2. What are some SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of the methods and results that the researchers used in this study? Give enough details so someone who hadn’t watched the video would understand what happened.
  3. WHO CARES about this study? What kind of pose is your body in right now? What do you tend to do? Can you observe or experience this phenomena in your own life? How could, or should, this knowledge be used?
  4. How do the results or ideas in this study relate to ONE of the specific studies we talked about in lecture on Power & Status?
  5. What OTHER QUESTIONS do you have about this study? What else would you want to know?

PART 2 : Read this short article (Links to an external site.)and then SKIM (or read if you have time / interest) this longer article (Links to an external site.) to learn more about Power Posing. Use the article(s) to answer the questions below.

  1. What was THE MAIN POINT of the first article you read? How does article influence your perception of power?
  2. What did you think was the MOST INTERESTING about the second article? Why?
  3. What’s ONE QUESTION you have about the second article? (If you don’t have any questions, write about something you would want to learn more about or that you thought was interesting.)
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