respond give feedback to discussion posts 3

1. I believe the technology efforts on part of Homeland Security have been effective, as we know more now than we ever have. I do not believe there is a such thing of spending too much on our nations security because at the end of the day, we are protecting all American’s lifes & keeping dangerous weapons, drugs & people out of the country. With the technology, we are able to locate terrorist, locate how drugs are coming into the country, counterattack terrorist, and just being able to have all this knowledge at our fingertips is huge in keeping us safe.

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2. I believe technology efforts in Homeland Security have indeed been effective. There have been many advances in technology and, in turn, the efficiency of Homeland Security. The government has worked to enhance Cyber Security as well as other technological devices or means such as airport security and military machines, weapons, and tools. If there is considered to be too much spending on Homeland Security, it is certainly worth it. What better place to spend your money than for the betterment of the system that protects our rights and lives. Most people may not agree with whether or not spending should be put toward something like abortion but almost all Americans would most likely agree that being protected and kept safe is something that is important to them.

3. Assume you are appointed to a special committee to create recommendations and guidelines to assist in ensuring that women and members of minority group have equal opportunities to become judges. What would you propose and why? Present three recommendations
One recommendation that I would put on the table would be to create a council board of Woman and men of all races that have been involved in the law enforcement branches.
Second recommendation would be to take a good majority of county sheriffs old or younger of any race or gender and bring them forth on a team of law makes so that they can see all sides of the law enforcement and crime that is created or committed. This would help keep everything equal for everyone because having a wide selection could help keep everything balanced.
Make sure all classes are equal split with both male and female for students and make sure the training standards are standardizing to meet the need for both sexes also make sure they is a equal amount with all races.

4. Set up by congress a panel of former or retired judges and lawyers equal amount of men and woman as well as people of color and different religions who make recommendations of people nominated by the president.

To propose the same actions as stated above, a panel to be established by the National Bar Association.

To have all Federal Judges including Judges of the supreme court to be nominated by the president and voted by the public in the election.

All of these recommendations help to remove politics and create more diversity

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