research paper for international business

Financial Operations and Strategies of the Drug Trade: How and Why the Industry Succeeds and What Can be Done to Combat It?


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  • (6-7 pages in length, double-spaced)
  • Times Roman 12, one-sided and pages numbered.
  • Consult the APA Style Manual or the Chicago Manual of Style in preparing your group project paper.
  • A list of references and in-text citations and/or footnotes should be incorporated in the group project paper.


  • I.Introduction to the TopicA (not required)
  • II.Background/Overview (not required)
  • III.Statement of the Challenges, Problems or Opportunities (not required)
  • IV.Analysis (not required)
  • V.Findings (required)
  • VI.Conclusion/Recommendations (required)
  • VII.References (required)

– Note that what I have to do is parts V, VI ,and VII only, but referring to the prior steps as well. Please follow the instructions.

– Parts V, VI must be at least 6 pages long all together (not counting the references page), in Times Roman 12, one-sided and double-spaced.

– Consult the APA Style Manual or the Chicago Manual of Style

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