Effects of Consuming Ethanol on Body Temperature Project description

The St. Bernard Dog Problem: Effects of Consuming Ethanol on Body Temperature Project description Many of you may know the story about how the large St. Bernard dogs rescue people stranded in snow drifts in the mountains carrying a container of strong alcoholic beverage in casks around their necks, used so that the rescued person can drink from it and get warm. Research and report on the short and longer term effects of drinking alcohol (ethanol) on body temperature, particularly in cold weather. In your answers include what happens to blood flow and metabolism and heat loss. Also include an energy balance at the skin surface and any other energy balances that may be appropriate for the particular method being discussed. Guidelines for the report are Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1 cover page (with course and paper title, student info etc.), 2 pages of text (standard margins, no titles) plus a third page of references using the referencing method given in L. Finkelstein’s Pocket Book of Technical Writing, 3rd Ed. with at least 3 references in addition to what our textbook may have. References can be other books, including other textbooks. No url’s or class lecture citations. Wikipedia can only be used to find some of the other references, but don’t quote Wikipedia directly, but search out the references at the end of the Wikipedia article. I prefer that you use Google Scholar to find references and then look these up in the WSU online library


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