Develop and adapt a narrative over time to provide a sense of unity and purpose

Your chapter needs a ½ page introduction to tell the reader the content of the chapter – before you begin the debate. You also need a ½ page summary at the end to remind the reader what they have just read.

You need to be writing 2-3 paragraphs per page, with multiple sources used in each paragraph. Here’s an example of a snippet from a literature review:

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The role of narrative and stories is becoming increasingly recognised within organisational studies as a means of understanding a range of phenomena (Brown et al., 2009; Hawkins and Saleem, 2012). In particular, narrative is informing both conceptualisations of identity, and methods of researching it. A narrative conceptualisation of identity proposes that identity is storytelling (McAdams, 2008): identity is the self as reflexively understood by a person in terms of their biography (Giddens, 2015) and the ability to sustain, develop and adapt a narrative over time to provide a sense of unity and purpose (Mallett and Wapshott, 2012; Watson, 2012; Watson, 2009). A narrative theory of identity also emphasises the role of narrative as an essential form of socialisation. Individuals learn how to speak and act in social situations by learning to tell stories in forms which are recognisable to others (Czarniawska, 2014; Riessman, 2008), both common narrative trajectories such as a ‘beginning’, a ‘low point’, a ‘climax’ and an ‘ending’ (Ashforth et al., 2016; Gergen, 2011) and locally prescribed forms (Gubrium and Holstein, 2011).




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