write simply the synopsis of the movie

Please help write an essay-review on Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 film “Bicycle Thieves”

Words: Min 1,000 – Max 1,500. Double space. Make sure no plagiarism.

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Due: 12PM (EST, USA) on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Assignment direction:
“You have carte blanche to write all what you feel like writing. Yet, if you write simply the synopsis of the movie, you will not get an A.
For an “A” you need all of some of this:
_Short synopsis
_Context (period in art and history, and comparison with other movies if you can make one)
_Information about the director
_Remarks on the individuals who intervened as acting or crew, or cinematic components (significance of music, type of camera usage. photography, etc. )
_Your remarks that must not be too personal. All what you say must be presented as a universal consideration: example. Do not say “I liked” but put emphasis on the moment that you liked making readers like the same moment too. No: “I like how he talks to the child,” but “the viewer can all but be struck by the way the father talks to the child. At times one does not realize who assumes the role of guide and mentorship. Father and son at traits seem to be on a level of absolutely parity, with an immature father and a wise son” etc.”

Attached are some files to help with the assignment.

Also, there is an example in the link below. It is a review essay that the professor published. You do not have to follow it. It is just an indication of what a review essay is: a bit review, a bit paper
Mother and Son. Reflections after ‘Song of My Mother’ by Erol Mintas

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