work design presentation reflection paper and discussion board

1) The focus of this assignment is on three different approaches to work design:

  • The Engineering Approach
  • The Motivational Approach
  • The Sociotechnical Approach

Create a 5-minute presentation (5-6 slides) demonstrating your knowledge of one of the three work design approaches. Use at least two other resources outside of the course material.

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Include items such as:

  • Overview/focus areas for this approach
  • Types of jobs/companies that would benefit from this design
  • Examples of jobs/companies currently using this design
  • How would you integrate this design in an organization?


  • Include a reference page that cites ALL sources, using APA 6th edition format in the notes section of applicable slides.
  • Don’t forget your voice-over!

Please refer to the attached rubric for this assignment.

2) Reflection paper topics

a) Corporate Culture

b) Participative Design

c) Employee Engagement and OD Strategies

3) Discussion Board

You have been asked by leadership to use your OD expertise in creating an employee involvement culture globally for a company that has traditionally been a very hierarchical, top-down based organization that has only minimally used employee suggestions.

  • What type of interventions might you suggest and why?
  • What would you suggest to management for strategies, tools or techniques to measure the success of this endeavor?
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