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·  Have no more than 1” margins.·  Have a topic sentence·  Use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, syntax and punctuation.·  Be double-spaced·  Properly quote all sources and be written in MLA,  or APA format.·  Be written in third person and have formal writing—no contractions!·  Have a Works Cited page.·  Accurately quote and cite sources.·  Flow in a logical order.·  Be written in Times New Roman style font. No larger than 12pt.·  Follows completely the assignment directions–not exceeding or being short of page requirements. Works Cited pages do not count towards total page requirements.INCLUDE Works cited pageTerm Paper Option 1–Texas Legislature Issues Term PaperPick a proposed bill from the last or current(year) Texas legislative session. Give basic information about what policy (topic) is the bill about and what is the bill’s proposed solution?Please quote and/or cite three argumentseachin favor and against the bill. Which parties or political leaders were for/against the bill? What were issues and concerns with the bill failing or passing? What was the final decision on the bill? What is the expected (or actual) outcome/results of the bill to address the policy? Full credit requires elaboration on the issue backed with cited evidence. Three sources are required and must be from academic, news sources, Texas congressional speeches or journals, other speeches, or scientific articles. Blogs are not permitted. Paper will be three to five pages in length, double spaced.

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