Which of the following is not a force discussed by Noe as influencing the workplace and training?

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1. In the training design process, selection of training methods is the step. first third final next to final 2. Person and task analysis are part of which step of the training design process? Ensuring transfer of training Developing an evaluation plan Conducting needs assessment Monitoring and evaluating the program 3. The training design process selection of training methods should occur directly following: development of an evaluation plan. needs assessment. ensuring transfer of training. development of learning objectives. 4. The acronym ADD I E is most closely associated with: a. high-leverage training. b.ISD. intellectual capital. Six Sigma. Which of the following is not a force discussed by Noe as influencing the workplace and training? Economic cycles New laws regulating allocation of training funds in the US New technology High-performance work systems 6. The process of moving jobs from the United States to other locations in the world is called: outsourcing. globalization. offshoring. virtual teams. 7. Noe argues that all but which of the following are reasons offshoring is occurring? U.S. visa laws allow foreign worker in the U.S. for seven years. The U.S. graduates fewer U.S. born engineers than China and Japan. More talented employees may be available outside the U.S. Some countries provide substantial incentives for workers to work in the U.S. 8. Companies report the most important talent management challenge they face is: identifying and training employees with managerial talent. getting more women and minorities into the company. developing programs to retain older workers. obtaining enough new workers with required skills. 9. Noe argues that providing training gives organizations a competitive advantage. online instructor-led tacit knowledge explicit knowledge All of the following except is an implication of an emphasis on learning vs. training as an event. learning must be related to achieving business goals companies need to support more informal learning companies need to provide psychological support for learning companies need to anticipate needs and plan more formal training 11. Which of the following are good metrics for demonstrating the strategic value of training? Number of hours of training conducted in the past fiscal year Training costs were within budgeted amount Average cost per hour of training Ti me spent fi II i ng management positions 12. A balanced scorecard considers four different perspectives: customer, internal, innovation and learning, and financial. metrics, measurement, SWOT, customers. financial, physical, tacit, and expl icit. internal customers, management, government regulators, and shareholders.


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