What sociological themes and concepts are present in P.O.S and Brother Ali’s music?

There are five questions, and it requires to read the “blog” (http://blog.thecurrent.org/2012/10/pissed-stef-and-street-preacher-rhymesayers-heavyweights-dissect-politics-their-new/) and listen the music of each singer that listed (not all of it some of it). Those two artist has their own way to talk about social society. Each question has to be answer with own personal opinion, and some of them require to give example of song or lyrics, why, how or agree/disagree.
I would like to have at least a paragraph for each question(more is better). Please answer the following five questions.


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Social Change Assignment

Go to the blog post, “Pissed Off Stef and the Street Preacher: Rhymesayers Heavyweights Dissect the Politics on their New Albums.” You can access the post here:


Read the post and explore the artists’ music. You can start with the videos posted, but I suggest listening to some of the songs listed below. You can access the music on Spotify or YouTube.

P.O.S:Wanted Wasted; Goodbye; Stand Up; Lock-Picks, Knives, Bricks and Bats

Brother Ali:Uncle Sam Goddamn; Letter to My Countrymen; Work Everyday; Tight Rope

Answer the following questions:

1. What sociological themes and concepts are present in P.O.S and Brother Ali’s music?

2. P.O.S. and Brother Ali share a common critique of contemporary U.S. society. What is that critique? Do you agree or disagree?

3. Choose a lyric, from either artist, which grabs your attention. Why did you choose that lyric? What do you think it means? Relate your analysis to the themes of the class.

4. P.O.S and Brother Ali both discuss strategies for social change in the interview and in their music. Describe the differences in their approaches. Which approach do you support and why?

5. Identify a song, movie, tv show, or other work of art that speaks to social issue(s) you care about. What sociological themes are present? How might art be used to advocate for social change?




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