What is cyber crime?

Give an example of major global crimes. How do these crimes and other criminal issues impact global criminal justice systems? How can we improve the overall effectiveness of strategies employed to combat these global crimes and criminal issues? Explain.
Terrorism is an ongoing issue, and unfortunately there does not appear to be an end in sight. What are some ways to combat it? Have we been effective in our efforts so far?
Human trafficking has, unfortunately, been an issue for a very long time (and it continues to be a serious problem around the world). It seems that the only way to combat this issue is to work with other countries, some of which may not prioritize the issue. Have we done enough on that front?
What is cyber crime? How does the sophistication of cyber crime impact and affect worldwide justice systems? How can we improve the global fight against cyber crime? Explain.
As you note, law enforcement seems to always be a step behind and also lagging in cyber skills. Your idea of going after hackers/cybercriminals digitally is interesting. In practice, how would that work; what do you think should be done?
As you note, the anonymous and international nature of many cybercrimes make enforcement very difficult. Some countries do not cooperate, making arrests almost impossible. What can the U.S. do to try to improve this situation?
When we are talking about prosecuting organized crime activity, it requires a different strategy than prosecuting a “run of the mill” burglar. So can the class give an example of a successful prosecution against organized crime? How effective are the current laws and statutes that aid in organized crime prosecutions? What changes to these laws and statutes would you suggest be made to improve the effectiveness of prosecution?

I can speak to this issue a little bit based on personal experience in the field. I do know that prosecutions of gangs and organized criminals are difficult due to the intimidation factor that organized crime presents. By intimidating witnesses (and victims), the gang can control what statements witnesses give to the police at the very beginning of an investigation, as well as what they “recall” during testimony at trial; many victims and witnesses become very forgetful when they know their personal safety, or those of their loved ones are in jeopardy. Imagine yourself preparing to testify against a gang member, while going home and seeing strange cars sitting with occupants making “firing a gun” gestures at you…what would you do?

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