The organisation has operated on market machine tools for over

The organisation has operated on market machine tools for over 100 years supplying products to over 100 countries. Its market share geographic distribution included 35% in the United States 25% in the United Kingdom 15% in Europe and 15% in the rest of the world. From the mid-1990s the company started to notice a constant decrease in sales and significant loss in market share. Now its key stakeholders are looking for a way to achieve market orientation and have turned to you and your marketing expertise for help. For this Individual Assignment you will review the information in the case study and recommend strategies to Sat & Co.s leadership to achieve market orientation and increase its competitive advantage. To prepare for this Individual Assignment: Read the case study on Sat & Co. in the Learning Resources for Week 5.Consider how market orientation impacts business performance and the strategies which help organisation attain a strong market orientation. To complete this Individual Assignment:In an approximately 1 500-word response address the following issues/questions: Based on the Sat & Co. case study analyse the relationship between market orientation and business performance. What critical success factors are related to achieving market orientation? What impact do they have on an organisations competitive advantage?As a marketing professional what strategies would you recommend to Sat & Co. as the most appropriate for achieving market orientation?Be sure to include specific references to at least two peer-reviewed journal articles to support your assertions.


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