the importance of uniqueness in your password

Everyone understands the they need a strong password. However, the uniqueness of you password is as important as the complexity of your password.

Let’s say you have a password that extremely strong with 128 random characters. You use this strong password on every single website, including a very poorly secured online discussion board as well as your super important online banking account. If the poorly secured online discussion board is comprised, that can cause your password for online banking account also compromised.

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The latest recommendation is your password should be unique from others and unique at each website with no patterns. In addition, Always use Multi-factor Authentication whenever possible.

You might ask, how it is possible to remember all these passwords? Personally, I use a password vault and have a unique and strong password that is only used for the vault.

Now, let’s do a reality check

  1. Go to Have I been Pwned (Links to an external site.), enter the email address(es) you commonly use for online credentials.
  2. Try this Password Generation Tool XKPasswd (Links to an external site.), make sure you choose XKCD in Presets, then generate a couple passwords.

Here are my questions

  1. Have you ever thought about how important the uniqueness of your passwords is?
  2. Why multi-factor authentication is so important?
  3. If Have I been Pwned (Links to an external site.) shows a you have registered in the past has been compromised. However, you have come up with a strong password. You made sure all your accounts across the Internet have been protected by this exact strong password. Should you still be worried? Why or Why not?
  4. Compared to completely random passwords, do you like the XKPasswd generation tool? Why it is still considered as secured? (Hint: there is a comic explaining why on their home page)
  5. Some people argue, using password management tools is like putting all the eggs in one basket. Technically, that is true. However, in reality, do you agree or disagree?

** no outside sources are needed **

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