Student Presentations – TOPIC : Contemporary Africa

TOPIC: Contemporary AfricaTHIS IS A PRESENTATION –  POWERPOINT (SLIDE SHOW)Now that you have a topic use the information below to make your presentation.This presentation will be shared with the class. It is worth 100 points. You need to give a clear definiton of the movement and show examples. These are meant to inform the class about current art movements. Only use historical information and art if you feel it really helps to explain the way the art is created contemporarly.The definition is worth 50 points and the examples are worth 30 points. It needs to be a 3 minute presentation. (make sure it takes you 3 minutes to read and look at the images. If it is too long or too short I’ll deduct points. There are 20 points for the quality of the presentation. That includes readability; correct spelling and grammar; and length.A power point presentation is one way to do it. You can also create a work of art in the style of the movement, make a .jpeg photograph of it and include a word document explaining why it fits in the movement. Another alternative would be to find a video or website to use as a visual aid. Get creative and think about graphic design as you make your presentation.

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