strategic management 198

These companies help you to answer questions. No need outside sources. Does not have to use two companies, you can use one company, but it depends on questions below. Answer questions carefully.

1. Ruby Receptionists, Portland.

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2. Granite Properties, Texas.

1) Do you believe any of the companies you chose have competitive advantage as measured by accounting profitability, shareholder value creation, or the “triple bottom line?” (If a company is publicly held, you may do research on it.)

2) For one of the companies, tell whether the firm has any core competences.(this doe not have to be a firm that has competitive advantage.)

3) For one company that does have competitive advantage, do you believe its current competitive advantage is sustainable? Why do you believe the competitive advantage is or is not sustainable? (If none of the companies you have been thinking about seems to have competitive advantage or for some reason you cannot obtain data on them, you may answer this question for a company we have discussed in class, e.g. Tesla, Starbucks.)

4) Based on what we have discussed in class so far, would you recommend any changes in the firm’s strategies? Why or why not?

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