In this Session Long Project you will develop a series of reflective essays that closely examine the extent and manner in which “leadership” roles/responsibilities within your own educational setting illustrate the various facets of strategic leadership that are examined in each module.

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The general topic and detailed expectations are provided for you on each module’s Session Long Project page. Each essay must address the content specifically studied in that module.

Expected length of each module SLP assignment paper is 2-3 pages.

Essay One: Transactional Leadership VS. Transformational Leadership and the Vision and Mission Statements

    1. Describe key features of each type of leadership approach.
    2. Identify the strengths and the weaknesses of each approach.
    3. Describe the type of leadership style you observe in either your workplace setting or a particular school setting that you are familiar with.
    4. Discuss how this style of leadership appears to benefit the institution and/or harm the institution. Describe.
    5. Describe the vision statement and mission statement of your workplace setting or a school setting.
    6. Does the institution’s climate support the vision?
      1. To what extent and in what manner are the vision statement and mission statement actually reflected in the climate of the institution? Provide examples.
      2. To what extent and in what manner do the vision and mission statements support learning for all students?
    7. How would you strengthen the vision and mission statements?
      1. How would you go about doing this in your current position?
      2. Explain what you would do to strengthen the vision and mission statement if you were to assume a leadership position in this setting, and how you would go about doing this.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Before submitting your work for my review, edit and refine your work in accordance with the following expectations:

    1. Does your work address each of the above items in a thorough and detailed manner?
    2. Do you cite supporting references for all key points made throughout your essay?
    3. Does your work demonstrate an in-depth understanding of this aspect of strategic leadership?
    4. Ensure that your work demonstrates graduate-level writing skills via a well-developed scholarly essay consisting of the following:
      • Introductory paragraph explicitly stating the topic of the essay.
      • Well-developed body paragraphs consisting of a topic sentence, followed by corresponding detail sentences, explicating the specified topic.
      • Concluding paragraph highlighting the key points that were made throughout the essay.
      • Final page listing all references cited throughout the essay.
    5. General Formatting
      • APA style
      • 2-3 pages in length
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