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For this assignment you will write a motivating story for any famous businessman in the world when you are done writing a story you will write what have you learned from the story. Also write the weaknesses and the strength about this story. You will write two pages single spaced. The due time for this assignment in 8 hours Please follow the instructions very carefully.


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This is the assignment descriptions:

 Stories you read/interpret:



·       “Communications Audit” of an organization / business you’d like to work for / do work for—collect written and oral “stories” you can “read” to understand its organizational culture & mission (also ethnography):  annual report, founder’s story, employees’ testimonials/experiences, website (the “about us” section, etc.)

·       Products / Services:  “read” the ‘backstory’ behind the ads / promos / brochures

·       Customers / Clients:  try writing a “Day in the Life” sketch (brief but detailed) of a targeted user of the product / service

·       Inspirational:  the bio (or obituary) of a business leader you admire, or interview a professional you know whom you admire

·       In your classes, notice use of storytelling in cases, texts, professor lectures


Stories you tell (write these out):

Career Related:

·       “Marketing Plan / PR Program” approach to your career plan as a whole (this could be developed into a whole Final Project …)

·       Write your own obituary for the Bsns. Section of your (future) hometown paper (this can force you to articulate your professional values, what you want to have stood for at the end of a long, successful career)

·       Interview stories:  you will find, if you haven’t already, that interviewers will ask you open-ended questions that require more of a ‘story‘ answer than a statement.  Your answers can allow you to turn an abstract buzzword into a more concrete demonstration of your skills. (e.g., “I’m a skilled communicator” becomes “When I worked for a defense contractor in Chicago, I interviewed engineers about their R&D projects and translated their processes and results into more accessible language for government bids and proposals.” Not a perfect example, but you get the idea?)  These kind of questions (e.g., “tell us about a time when you had a communication failure with a teammate; what did you do?”) also allow the interviewer to learn more about you than “just the facts.”


As with the Design Notebook, the purpose of your Business Story Portfolio is to collect some different examples of “business storytelling” to examine why and how they might work well.  You could also collect “good” and “bad” examples, for the same purpose.


II  Next, Application (for your Report)


Use a story to solve a business- / professional- / or course-relevant problem.


Consider ways you can/do use “story” to inform, motivate, create group vision, persuade, sell, spark change—in a presentation, case analysis, group project, meeting with a colleague or client, etc.  Choose a real ‘problem’ you face in work or school right now.  Or, if nothing current seems apt, consider using one of the two types of stories described above for your Portfolio section:  i.e., you could choose as your “problem” “how can I articulate my own professional values?” and write your “business obituary” as your “solution.”  Or, you could choose as your problem “how can I ace the interview for the job of my dreams?” and identify likely interview questions and write your interview stories for them as your “solution.” qualified writers are well-acquainted with the intricacies of academic writing. They are proficient in following the formatting, citation, and referencing guidelines specified by different institutions. This ensures that the work produced is not only academically sound but also meets the expectations of professors and professionals. Academic assignments often require critical analysis and evidence-based writing. qualified writers possess the skills to critically evaluate research, synthesize information, and present arguments backed by credible sources. This level of rigor is essential where evidence-based practice is paramount. When students receive well-researched and well-written assignments, they have the opportunity to learn from these examples. high-quality work serves as a valuable reference point for students, helping them understand complex concepts, research methodologies, and effective writing techniques.

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