Secondry source history essay

Structure of the PaperSection 1: Identification of Secondary SourceIn this section, give the article title, author, the title of the journal in which you found it, the date of publication, and the basic topic of the article.  If relevant, give a short (one or two sentence) bio of the author.Section 2: Thesis/Argument & Debate [MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT]Every academic article is written for the purpose of making an argument about how something happened in the past.  In this section, tell your reader what argument the author is making about the topic listed above.  First, outline the main argument. Then, give the specifics of the argument. Finally, note any geographical, chronological, or thematic limits that the author places on his argument. Look for phrases such as “this article will be looking at ‘x’” or “this article will not be dealing with ‘y’”)When writing an article, a scholar enters into an ongoing discussion/debate with others who have studied the same topic or problem.  In this section, you should tell your reader what the larger debate the author is taking part in. Note if there are other historians or theories with which the author is agreeing or disagreeing. Note how the author claims that his/her work different from what has been done before in this field?Section 3: Basic Outline of the Article’s ContentIn this section, give a BRIEF summary of what the main sections of the article cover. Does the author tell a story? Use examples? Does he/she focus mainly on one case or on many?Section 4: SourcesIn this section, tell the reader what kinds of data the author uses to support his/her argument. (Qualitative or quantitative?  Primary sources or secondary sources?  Personal sources (letters, diaries, etc.)?  Official sources (government documents)? Public sources (newspapers)? Written or oral sources?  In what languages are these sources composed? If you can figure it out, note where the author found his/her data.Section 5: Strengths and WeaknessesIn this section, identify one thing that you think the author did well and explain why you think that. Then, identify one thing that you think the author could have done better.  You might consider one of the following: whether you found his/her argument convincing, whether you could follow his/her logic, or whether the sources he/she used seemed appropriate to answer the question posed.Section 6: Conclusion and MeditationHaving read the article, give your overall impression of it.  Did it cover the topics you hoped it would?  Was it easy or difficult to follow? Who, if anyone, might you recommend it to? Finally, having read the article, what one question would you like to pose in relation to the author’s topic?The paper should be 3-4 pages 12 font. make sure all the reference write as footnote ( chicago style). also, you will find the grade creteria for this essay and the source that you only should use in attach file.

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