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John KerryMinimum wage laws hurt the economy than help because people think the wage law is the solution ; the numbers add up right, but in reality or real life, it is negatively affecting our lower and middle class people group. Minimum wage jobs are typically low-skill or entry level jobs. If the costs to fill low-skill positions become to high, businesses are likely to replace two or three employees with one employee who excels and can do multiple jobs quicker. so this means i am jobless. Different states have different economies and the cost of living in New York is different than the cost of living in Texas. It simply does not make sense to have a one-size plan for completely different economies; so basically you are going to struggle wherever you go . It only works out if you are rooming with someone, staying with a family member, or staying in a low income sensitive apt or home . Minimum wage jobs are not intended to enable people to raise a family of five. minimum wage jobs are designed for entry-level workers, kids in high school or those looking to add a little extra money through a second job. The point is to move up from there into intermediate jobs, and with enough hard work a very well-paying job. That’s pretty much the point of a minimum wage job, and the point is not to support families. but this is a touchy topic because our government and state laws and economy. I think it is set in place to people who want power and just throw laws in affect that looks good on paper.  The lawmakers look at the money aspect and not looking at the humanity aspect of it.

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