Research aims were different from the study as well as the research question.

Be clear and precise about what impaired glucose tolerance is. This is not diabetes of any form.
2.Inclusion criteria was talking about type 2 diabetes not IGT (this should be about IGT: this study should be about prevention not management.
3.Talk about types of exercise. Low and moderate exercise look at resistance training and walking which is aerobic
4.The research aims were different from the study as well as the research question.
5.Use correct English. Not synonyms (academic English) clear and precise.
6.Literature review did not relate to the research question. (This was effect of exercise on type 2 diabetes and not IGT. ( this should be the order way around.
7.Methods and methodology should be together.
8.Discussion, please use your papers you selected within the systematic review.
9.Use papers relevant to the research questions and all should be experimental studies. Should have a 10 years span.
10.Conclusion and recommendation should relate to the selected studies and not based on other studies.
11.Most importantly the systematic review should reflect the question.
12.Literature review should relate to the question.
13.Select papers relevant to Research question.
14.Please use precise academic English.
15. The abstract will need to change when you are done.
16.Please use relevant academic references to back up points
17. please avoid grammatical errors
Added on 20.05.2016 11:59
this is the dissertation to be edited. this should be completely changed as the instructions state.
I will also attach the feedback from the markers. please read through so as to avoid making the same mistake.
Added on 20.05.2016 12:05
markers review. please read carefully and understand before proceeding to do this work.
Instruction files

1444710_major_project.docx(230,55 KiB)
1444710_review.docx(31,25 KiB)

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