DUE APRIL 19TH AT 4PM ESTIt is commonly said that religion is a “crutch” to help an individual deal with pain, overcome loneliness, or create meaning in life.  Is this a fair assessment?  What examples would you give for or against such an argument? (7-10 sentences) Be sure to cite sources that support your argument.Design a ritual that expresses human relationships with nature.  What music might accompany it?  Where would it occur? How frequently would it be celebrated?  (Nature rituals that already exist could first be considered (e.g., Easter – eggs, rabbits, flowers, springtime colors;  Thanksgiving – harvest foods, autumn colors).  It might also be good to consider buildings or shelters (if any), time of day for the ritual, and who would be the ritual specialists who would organize the ceremony. (150-200 words)

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