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The text of your paper must be 6-8 pages long, not including the title page and bibliography  page. It must include properly formatted Turabian Notes-Bibliography style citations to each  source included on your bibliography page. At a minimum, you must use ten sources. Two of those sources must be primary sources! In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the paper must include three sections:  (1) Show how your chosen region developed and changed during the Jacksonian Era (1815-  1850’s). Consider demographics, culture, and economy.  (2) Introduce one of the course themes (listed below) and provide scholarly context for how  that theme was significant during the Jacksonian Era.  (3) Show how your region was a case study of that theme’s broader development across the  nation during the Jacksonian Era. How did the theme work out in specific ways in your  region?

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