Please answer the eight questions with an 75 word count.

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Chapter 5 / Leader Qualities

1. What are four things that employees look for in their leaders according to our authors?

Chapter 5

2. Explain the role of followers in the leadership process.

Chapter 6/Communications

3. What is communication and why is it so important?

Chapter 6

4. What is meant by effective communication? What changes, if any, should you be making to improve your communication skills?

Chapter 7 / Motivation

5. How can supervisors motivate their employees by understanding their behavior? What are some motivational theories that supervisors need to know to help with their understanding?

Chapter 7

6. What are the basic elements of Theory X and Theory Y? Can you think of any reasons Theory Y would be inappropriate for all supervisors?

Chapter 8/ Decision Making Process

7. What are the steps in the decision-making process? Share with the class a time when you may have used these steps.

Chapter 8

8. What are the major ways in which the concepts and principles of organizational renewal might be incorporated into every supervisor’s job?

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