Opium Wars

Term Essays Hist 108Students are required to submit a term essay 7-10 pages in length (word processed, double-spaced or 1.5) due Dec 8.  This essay is to be argumentative in nature.  That is, you must provide an argument or thesis rather than simply a statement of purpose.  This essay is to be world history centered and must fall within the chronological confines of the course (1750-1945).  All topics must be approved by the instructor and to this end you will be provided with a list of suggested essay topics and a bibliography of works in the TWU Library.  In order to provide guidance in the process of selection of topic and creation of thesis, students will be required to submit an essay proposal outlining your tentative topic (due Oct 19) and a tentative thesis and bibliography (due Nov 9).   Papers are due Dec 8.  Papers received after that date without extension will be subject to a late penalty of 3% per day.  The instructor reserves the right to refuse to accept or to demand a rewriting of any essay submitted without a previously accepted proposal.Ideally, your essay should incorporate the following principles:1) An introductory paragraph which sets the stage for the discussion to follow by posing the problem to be discussed and presenting the argument you have adopted.2) A thematic point by point discussion following the outline of your argument (do not include this outline with your paper).  This discussion should reflect your own conclusions and must be supported by a description of the actions or thoughts of historical figures, or of incidents, or of other factual data.  This section will constitute the body of your essay.3) A conclusion in which you summarize your findings.  In some ways this section will be a recapitulation of your introduction.Since this is a research essay the proper use of source material (including primary sources wherever possible) outside of your assigned text is necessary.  Do not use direct quotations unless from a primary source (the writings of Ghandi, the speeches of Kwame Nkrumah, etc…).  Information from secondary sources should be paraphrased in your own words and properly cited.  All outside information, whether from a primary or secondary source, must be properly cited following departmental guidelines.  Failure to do so is plagerism and may result in a failing grade for your essay!  Either footnotes, or endnotes are acceptable citation forms as long as they are done consistently.  Follow the provided departmental Citation Guide.  Use of Internet material is as a resource for primary sources is encouraged as the number of good primary source sites is growing daily (see separate handout for further information).  However, secondary source internet sites can be problematic and the instructor must be consulted before using them.  Moreover, all citations from the internet must be complete and wherever possible should identify the author’s qualifications.  Please do not use Wikipedia as a source for your papers.  Lecture material and encyclopedia articles should be used for background information only and should not be cited.  Finally, a proper bibliography must be provided. Points will be deducted for spelling or typographical errors.  Proof-read and revise!  Do not rely on your spell-checker alone!  You, not your computer, are responsible for your final product! **Late Policy: 3 points per day will be deducted for unexcused late papers.  Extensions will be granted only for documented medical reasons or for circumstances beyond a student’s control.  This does not include computer crashes!  Back up your material!

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