OVERVIEW  When conducting research in sociology much of the intention is to observe what is going on  around us and in our society. When a researcher is observing behavior, there are many possible  observational study examples. For this assignment, you will conduct an observational  only study. This study will be 100% achievable via observation only, with no interaction  between you and the participants.  INSTRUCTIONS  You will choose from one of the observations listed here for your sociological observation. Pick one:  1. Spend a few hours observing children in a kindergarten or special day class and keep  track of how many can sit still and follow instructions. This can be charted, and your  paper can discuss the possibility of ADHD with children who are out of their chair,  moving about the room, and not following directions.  2. If you are interested in gender and the toys a young child might choose to play with, this  can be an interesting observation. Might small boys pick up a doll, or a little girl play  with a dump truck? Unless children are told specific toys are for boys and girls, you  might observe they enjoy playing with them. This observation can be completed by  observing a pre-school or kindergarten classroom or perhaps a day-care.  3. Spend a few hours at your local mall observing how many people you see who are glued  to their cell phones and rarely look up. Chart your findings and discuss the latest research  for distraction using cell phones. What might you observe? The mall is an interesting  place to observe age groupings. Might younger people be on their phones more, or  perhaps younger parents with children pay more attention to their phones? Also, you  might observe older individuals and couples. Chart if technology is used differently.  4. Staying with cell phones and computers / iPads, you might choose a coffee shop like  Starbucks. Observe and chart for discussion how many people come in alone, to meet  others, and see how many speak to one another without using their phones. This is  interesting in observing modern communication.  5. If you live near a resource center for new immigrants, you might wish to observe the  social interaction you see there. Are cultural differences evident in family or community  interactions? What are the similarities?   6. You might find observing the elderly at Walmart or church to see how they are treated  and respond to others. What might the attitudes be toward the elderly? Might you  recognize ageism?  7. Visit a local park or playground where parent(s) / caregivers are with young children and  observe if they put their phones away to play and bond with their children. What response  do you see from the children and parent? Sometimes parents are on their phone and you  might observe the child wanting their attention. There are some parents who visit among  themselves, and not play with their children. What might you observe?  8. You might find visiting a local gym interesting. Note the amount of cell phone use among  individuals working out. Does checking the phone diminish the work-out purpose? In  addition, note how many individuals stream music while working out or perhaps plug  into the music or television while they exercise at the equipment. Might there be a  difference between men and women vs. usage.  Submit a six-to-eight-page paper, which combined, will include: title page, body of assignment  with introduction, statement of problem, description of the observational investigation,  discussion, analysis, and findings, and a strong conclusion which will tie your paper together.  Be sure to include at least two primary resources within the last 5 to 7 years, with supportive  APA citation(s) which will match your reference page.  You will submit the assignment in a Word document.

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