Nutritional Menu Monday-Friday breakfast lunch dinner

Your assignment is to modify the menu to suit the nutritional need of the population you selected.  5.   For example. If you choose Lane Tech High School Menu, select Case Study # 1. Modify the menu to suit the nutritional need of Mr. JOhnson 65 year old male with history of heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and recent gi surgery.Menu for patient with kidney disease or polycystic kidney diseaseYou working with at Resurrection Rehab Center. Today one of your patient is Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a 65 year old male with history of heart disease, hyperlipidemia and recent hi surgery. On assessment you find patient to beedematous, fatigued and in discomfort. Patient’s diagnosis is Nephrotic Syndrome. You educate the patient on fluid restriction and he verbalizes understanding. During one of your rounds you observe that Mr. Johnson’s spouse has brought lunch for her husband. Lunch includes the following: salad with iceberg lettuce, fried chicken and watermelon.As Mr. Johnson’s nurse make a menu for this patient.attached is the menu we need to modify to suit the nutrional need for 65+Explain why the sample menus are better nutritional options in bullet points nothing long just solid points

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