need three easy python code

first question

1- Write 2 functions:

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  1. c_to_f(ctemp)
  2. f_to_c(ftemp)

These should convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius

F = Temp_C * (9/5) +32

C = (Temp_F-32) *(5/9)

Create a Loop that will print the following:

A. A table of temperatures from -50 F to 220 F and each number in between (counting by 10)

B. A table of temperatures from 0 C to 120 C and each number in between (counting by 10)

For instance for number 1

-50 F -45.55 C

-40 F -40 C


0 F -17 C

210 F 98.88 C

220 F 104.44 C

second question:

2- -Write a function called is_prime(N) that returns True if N is prime and False if N is not Prime.

third question:

3- Write a function fibonacci(N) which will print out N items of the fibonacci sequence

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