Napoleon as a military commander

Discuss Napoleon’s successes and failures as a general. Should he be regarded as one of the great commanders, was he simply lucky, or some of both? 

Your paper must meet the following criteria:  1. A clear thesis that answers a historically significant question(s).  2. Be based on at least five sources, including primary sources, scholarly sources, and web-  based academic sources, outside the assigned course materials. Of the course materials,  you may use the online primary source readings, but not the textbooks or the PowerPoint  presentations.  3. Sources consulted for this project are to be academic in nature. This means you are to  consult books and journal articles written by scholars that have been peer-reviewed and  academic websites, usually designated by .edu and .org. The following sources are not  regarded as academic in nature and are not eligible for use: Wikipedia,,  encyclopedias, textbooks, “popular” websites such as,,  and Also, websites alone are not sufficient for doing research. You need to  consult academic books and journal articles to do a thorough job of research.  4. Written in the active voice, past tense. Use block quotations only sparingly, if at all.  Always integrate quotations into your own words rather than use them as independent  sentences. Cite your evidence often.  5. The Department of History at LUO requires that students use the Turabian Notes –  Bibliography citation style. You must use footnotes with the Turabian footnote citation  style within the paper. Then, you must use the bibliographic format you practiced in this  course for the final bibliography.

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