Midterm Essay Assignment

This paper will help you see the various roles and methods of war waged by the two major  nation-states of China and Japan.  INSTRUCTIONS  â€¢ Construct an argumentative thesis essay. You MUST state a thesis or theme that is  supported by two or more major points.  â€¢ Required length of at least 600 words, not more than 900 words.  â€¢ Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space, 1” margins.  â€¢ Include a title page and bibliography along with Turabian style footnotes. A Table of  Contents is optional. See the sample paper in the Liberty Online Writing Center for an  example.  â€¢ Use proper Turabian/Chicago style.  â€¢ Utilize at least THREE sources. At least ONE source must be a scholarly source besides  the course texts. Scholarly sources mainly consist of books and journal articles, but some  scholarly websites ending in .mil .gov or .edu are acceptable. Military or government  historical sites are scholarly, but undergraduate student papers or blogs are not scholarly  sources, even though they may be listed on .gov or .edu sites. Websites ending in .com or  .org are typically not scholarly. Contact the instructor if there is a question about a  source.  Choose from ONE of the following topics:  1. The military histories of both Japan and China demonstrate a respect for the tenets  described in Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War (i.e., win without fighting, deception,  surprise, offense/defense timing, use of the environment, emphasis on intelligence). Did  the shared legacy of Sun Tzu produce similar or contrasting military behavior in China  and Japan? Did Sun Tzu’s teaching, as interpreted by Japan and China, lead to conflict or  peace with the United States?  2. The course utilized zoomorphisms in describing traditional Chinese and Japanese military  history. China was compared to a turtle, and Japan to a carp. Create new zoomorphisms to describe  traditional Chinese and Japanese military behavior. Describe how they represent Japan’s  and China’s conflicts with the United States (World War II and the Korean War).  3. Both China and Japan experienced fundamental changes to their national military  character from 1946-1949. By 1950, the military characters of both nations were  dramatically different than in 1945. What major events caused these changes, and how  were China and Japan’s military character and behavior altered moving forward in the  rest of the 20th century? How did it affect their relationship with the United States?

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