MGMT 304. Group Project: Strategic Management Analysis of a Company Due date: 14/05/2017, 5 pm Weighting: 30%

MGMT 304. Group Project: Strategic Management Analysis of a Company
Due date: 14/05/2017, 5 pm
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format:
2000 – max. 2500 words, excluding appendices and ref. list
Only one student in each group should submit the group assignment, however, all students’ names and SIDs should be included in the page footer and should appear on each page of the assignment
Format: Business report, with numbered headings (i.e. questions) and subheadings and a reference list at the end.
The assignment is based on Hill et al.’s 2017 ed. Strategic Management Text
Structure of the Assignment
I. Executive Summary: 100 -150 words to brifly outline the most important findings and recommendations of your analysis
II. Analysis
Chapter 1
1.1. First, briefly introduce the company: name, size, location, product-markts, geographic coverage, some statistics.
1.2. Identify the vision, mission and major goals of the company. Briefly evaluate the quality of the mission statement .
Chapter 2 (swOT analysis – identify the opportunités and threats facing the company)
2.1: Conduct a succinct PESTLE analysis. Focus only on those forces that have substantial effect on the company’s business and ignore those that are less important.
2.2: Apply the competitive forces model (5 Forces Analysis) to the industry in which your company operates. What does this model tell you about the nature of competition and the industry attractiveness?
2.3: In what stage of its Life Cycle is the industry in which your company is based? What are the implications of this for the intensity of competition now? In the future?
2.4: Is the industry prone to strategic group formation? Identify any strategic groups that might exist in the industry. How does the intensity of competition differ across these strategic groups?
Chapter 3 & 4 (SWot analysis – identify company’s strengths and weaknesses)
3.1. Does the company have a competitive advantage? What is it?
3.2: What resources and capabilities shape the strengths of the company? Consider the four generic building blocks of competitive advantage (CA): efficiency, quality, innovation, and responsiveness to customers. Which of these seems to underlie the CA of the company?
Chapter 5:
5.2: Using the theory on Business Level Strategies, identify what business-level strategy is your company pursuing? Provide evidence that supports your answer.
Chapter 6:
6.1: In what industry environment (e.g. embryonic, mature, etc.) does your company operate? Elaborate and provide evidence to support your argument.
6.2. Using the Ansoff Growth Matrix on p. 190 in the textbook, outline which growth strategies the company is using. Provide some examples to illustrate your answer.
Chapter 9:
9.1: Has your company ever pursued a horizontal integration strategy? What was the strategic reason for pursuing this strategy?
9.2: How vertically integrated is your company? In what stages of the industry value chain does it operate?
9.3: Does your company engage in related or/and unrelated diversification? Elaborate.
III. Conclusion
Make an evaluation on whether or not there is a stategic fit between company’s environment and the strategy/ies the company is using. You can also recommend what other strategy/ies may be more appropriate given the particular external conditions and internal strengths and weaknesses of the company.


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