Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time,

This is not a paper there isn’t a word count. Book is Hero Of Our Time Lermontov Part 2  pages 70-157Analysis and Group Discussion Prompt: Analyze the values and world views concerning the Eurasian frontier in the Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time,o Identify the roles of geography and the natural environment in shaping moral decisionso Discuss the author’s representations of fate and inner (personal) peaceo Explain the notion of heroism on the Eurasian frontier in the mid-19th century presented in the storyThe 3 above bullet points must be answered Respond to all parts of the assigned “Analysis and Group Discussions Prompts (questions)” (The  prompts/questions may be found in the  Course Schedule(s), Content area and Discussion areaAnswer every part of the prompt(s)/question(s) with a complete paragraph. Complete paragraphs should include a topic sentence at least four supporting sentences.Write in complete, grammatically correct paragraphs and  sentences.DO NOT post simple lists or bullet points.Support your ideas with direct references to the text analyzed using parenthetical notation. For example – “Odysseus      earned his reputation as a god after he blinded the Cyclops (Homer, 67).  Every response paragraph should include  at least two (2) direct references to the textI urge you to include multiple references in a single  sentence when applicable. For example – “In the Odyssey, Homer       repeatedly presented Odysseus as courageous (24, 29, 156, 173, and 241).”

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