justify why a particular recommendation evaluation criterion or in the case of assessment

critical questioning in business
You are required to formulate five (5) critical questions that would be relevant to analyse the case study. You must justify your choice of questions. You are NOT required provide an analysis of the case study. This is an exercise in critical questioning.
Word length: 1000 words
Weight: 20%
Due: Monday 24 August 2015 10:00am
Submission: On Blackboard via Turnitin
Assessment Criteria
1. Appropriate formulation of critical questions
2. Justification of critical questions
3. Sound reasoning demonstrated in discussing relative effectiveness of questions
4. Use of an academic writing style
5. Adherence to the BSRG
See Unit of Study outline for full details on Word Count and Late penalties.
The case study (Meli Marine) is found at the link below.
You are encouraged to refer to the week 2 lecture for tips on formulating critical questions.
Common Assessment Errors
In BUSS5000 assessments we often see some common errors. This list is designed to help you avoid these errors in your assessment 2.
Common error #1:
Students do not provide support for their arguments. All arguments statements and/or claims made in assessments must be appropriately supported using research of theory and/or evidence. For example stating:
ANZ is the best bank in Australia is not sufficient. That statement must be supported with evidence and data to show that ANZ is the best bank in Australia and by what standard.
Arguments should also always clearly outline the standard or criteria by which something is being measured. For example stating ANZ is the best bank in Australia based on customer satisfaction and supporting that statement with data on customer satisfaction would be an appropriate argument.
In finding appropriate evidence to support arguments students are required to conduct additional relevant research. It is not sufficient to only rely on the readings and lectures from BUSS5000 as research.
Common error #2:
Students do not justify why a particular recommendation evaluation criterion or in the case of assessment 2 a particular critical question is relevant specifically to the case study the assessment/assessment question is based on. For example if you were required to provide a recommendation to ANZ to improve their performance stating: Innovation is important to company success therefore ANZ should innovate on its current product offering is not an appropriate recommendation. It does not tell the reader why innovation is particularly important to ANZ in their specific context.
For assessment 2 the critical questions you formulate must be justified as particularly relevant to the Meli Marine case study considering the company context and the environment in which it is operating.
Common error #3:
Students misunderstand the assessment requirements and misunderstand the assessment criteria.
To avoid this check your understanding of the assessment requirements by re-reading the assessment requirements in the Unit of Study outline through discussion with different classmates or by posting questions on Q&A.


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