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China and its Great Wall” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:Describe two (2) specific aspects about the Great Wall of China, such as facts about its size, length, purposes, varied materials, labor force, and its phases of construction. Consider the various purposes of such a wall and its impact for good or bad in Ancient China.*Please be sure to avoid comments on the current Southern Border/Mexico of USA. This is a highly controversial subject and your comments may be taken out of context and appear as harassment of another student. Any comments about the Southern Border/Mexico will be immediately removed with loss of points.Template for Week 4 DiscussionHello Class and Dr. C, here is my main post for the Week 4 Discussion, I hope you enjoy itTwo interesting facts about the Great Wall·         This part is pretty easy just assess any of the following·         such as facts about its size, length, purposes, varied materials, labor force, and its phases of construction·         be pretty specific here, don’t just list a fact, but also assess why you think these facts are impressive or coolWhat was the purpose of the Wall and how successful was it?·         This part requires a bit of thought.  Walls are much more than just physical barriers, they also mark clearly defining boundaries for cultures and they are also symbolic and psychological barriers as well.  Think about how the ancient Chinese felt when they saw this Wall as well as how outsiders (particularly the Mongols) felt about seeing this.  Did it signify the superiority of China?  Did it mark a clear line between civilized society and barbarians?” Are backyard fences good examples of modern day privacy walls? Y or N  or maybe ? (no need to explain, just “yes, No or Maybe?)

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