HUM/100 – A Visual Tour of Ancient Greece and Rome

Imagine you are narrating a guided tour throughout the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.Create a 700- to 1,050-word tour guide describing the places and artifacts that the tourists will see.Include the following in your tour:Visit at least three cities in the ancient Greek world (this includes Greece, Crete, and modern Turkey), and describe what can be found in each.Three specific pieces of ancient Greek sculptureArtifacts from a mixture of the Bronze Age, the Golden Age, and the Hellenistic Greek periodsThree specific pieces of ancient Roman architecture (not limited to the city of Rome, but built by Romans)Discuss two pieces of Roman literature. The tourists will need to be entertained during those long drives through the countryside!Explain the significance of each place or artifact discussed on the tour.Include at least five images to illustrate your guide.Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines, but it should be written in 1st and 2nd person, since it is script read to the tourists. Include in-text citations for all outside information.

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