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Question 1

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Read the following article from the Library, and then respond to the questions below.

Miles, E. W. (2013). Developing strategies for asking questions in negotiation. Negotiation Journal, 29(4), 383–412.

In Chapter 3, Stringer (2014) goes into considerable detail about obtaining involvement of stakeholders and building a preliminary picture of organizational circumstances. Toward the end of the Chapter, he describes seven factors that are essential to creating and maintaining credibility. Without a doubt, experienced action research practitioners would tell you that projects that succeeded addressed each of these seven concepts in meaningful ways. Projects that did not do well usually ignored or treated casually one or more of these factors.

As the feasibility of an AR project is being explored and socially constructed, relevant people are deciding how to position themselves relative to the project and, most particularly, the person or persons designated to lead the project. Without a doubt, these early negotiations have a huge bearing on how the project will proceed. Sometimes this process involves overt and hotly contested negotiations. More typically, the negotiations occur in a more subtle and indirect way. It is crucial, as an action researcher, you analyze group and interpersonal processes in order to advance the credibility of negotiations.

  1. In      your response, identify at least one of the seven factors to create and      maintain credibility that would be most difficult to address in your      organization.
  2. Analyze      the situation by using Stringer’s seven factors as the primary      consideration.
  3. Explain      how the credibility of an AR project be impacted if this factor was not      handled effectively.
  4. Identify      a critically important overt or implicit negotiation that would arise in      your organization around the role of the action research project leader,      if a high profile AR project was being considered.
  5. Explain      how you would prepare to address this type of challenge through      application of negotiation.

Question 2

Read the following, and then respond to the questions below.

One-on-one interviews or small group interviewing play a pivotal role in launching and formulating an action research project. At the core of effective interviewing is active listening. Active listening, although often challenging to do well, is essential to ensuring that the interviewer does not lead the interview in inappropriate ways. While the references provide concise descriptions of what is required to do effective interviews, doing additional research is recommended.

Thinking about your selected Action Research project, present an approach for you and your inquiry team to use in interviews for gathering data. Discuss your chosen approach and justify it by applying and citing at least three required reference material resources listed above and be sure to apply APA formatting both in-text and when listing the references at the end of the response.

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