History week 4

I need you to read the article using the link below and answer the following questions. 300 words minimum.http://www.americanyawp.com/reader/21-world-war-i/woodrow-wilson-requests-war-april-2-1917/NO SHORDY WORK. NO PLAGARISM. DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CAN NOT DO IT.Questions1. Why, according to President Wilson, was it necessary for the United States to declare war on Germany and enter World War One? Be specific.2. What did the President say he hoped to achieve by entering the war and defeating Germany? What was uniquely American about his vision for the post-war world?3. In what ways might Wilson’s crusade for “the principles of peace and justice” have seemed to some like hypocrisy in light of political and social realities in the United States? Explain.4. To what extent did Wilson’s war make the world, or the United States, “safe for democracy” going forward in the 1920s and 1930s?5. Do think American attitudes toward intervening in overseas conflicts have changed significantly in the century since the end of WW I? Explain.

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