History Essay

Write a four page minimum analytical paper on the development of the United States as it transitions from (1) a Pre-Columbian, Native American settlement to a (2) British colony and then into a (3) young and growing country that is expanding west and into contact with Spanish colonial America.(Note the three sections that you should break your essay down into.)  I just gave  you the THREE main points to write about.You MUST use ten of the following chapter terms and you MUST use the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the last section. This means that you should spend some time writing about these documents in a way that shows you fully understand them. The rest of the terms should be used in a way that builds up to these documents.Additionally, you MUST include TEN of the following chapter terms in your essay. Underline the terms as you use them.You choose which of the following ten chapter keywords to use. Make sure you write in a manner that shows you fully understand each term. Again, you choose which of the following ten terms to include in your essay.  Write this out chronologically.https://www.studocu.com/en-us/document/university-of-north-florida/dir-readings-american-history/other/give-me-liberty-an-american-history-seagull-fifth-edition-vol-2-5th-edition/3616575/viewCHAPTER TERMS:Ch 1 Cahokia, The Iroquois League, Bartolome de las CasasCh 2 The Virginia Company and John Smith, Mayflower Compact, Pequot WarCh 3 Mercantilism, Slave Code of 1705, Bacons RebellionCh 4 Middle Passage, Father Junipero Serra, Atlantic Slave trade, Seven Years WarCh 5 Boston Tea party, Boston Massacre, Intolerable Acts,Ch 6 “The Wealth of Nations,” Balanced Government, Free labor,Ch 7 Shays Rebellion, 3/5th clause, “Notes on the State of Virginia”YOU ONLY NEED TO USE THE TEXTBOOK AS A REFERENCE BUT MAKE SURE TO USE MLA FORMATTING WHEN CITING THE TEXT!! Look at the links on the library webpage as well as look them up online if you need more instruction.Notice how this essay Midterm is in essence a collection of your weekly essays.

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