Great Migration

You will write a response of 500-750 words, using the suggested sources below. In the Response, you will assess how the Great Migration  shaped African American churches, as millions of African Americans moved North and West out  of the South, and how, in turn, these church communities influenced the culture and politics of  bourgeoning urban communities.  INSTRUCTIONS  Part I: A Brief Summary of the Sources Provided  ï‚· Identify the author and arguments of the sources provided.  ï‚· Provide a brief summary, condensing the content of the sources by highlighting the main  ideas.  ï‚· Use 1-2 short quotations from the material to support your synthesis.  ï‚· Keep the summary objective and factual.  Part II: Your Reaction to the Work  ï‚· Focus on responding to the prompt.  ï‚· How are the related problems relevant to the overall class?  ï‚· How is the work related to problems in our present-day world?  ï‚· Do viewing the sources change your ideas on the topic?  ï‚· Does using a Christian worldview change the way the sources are evaluated?  Part III  ï‚· Proof-read your work. Avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes, and avoid passive  voice.  ï‚· Make sure each major paragraph presents and develops a single main point.  ï‚· Organize your material.  ï‚· Cite paraphrased and quoted material.  Suggested sources include:  1. Carter Woodson, The History of the Negro Church, The Associated Publishers:  Washington D.C., 1921. (  Suggested reading includes Chapter XIV, “The Recent Growth of the Negro Church.” 

 2. African American Religious History: A Documentary Witness, Durham, N.C.: Duke  University Press, 2000. (https://ebookcentral-proquest-

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